Friday, January 06, 2012

Anne Elser: Binding the Belgian Book

Friends! Currently finishing up an 8.5 x 11 Secret Belgian Bound Book. Lined pages, about 8-10 signatures, covered with washi paper from the Paper Source and pages from a large print vintage copy of Treasure Island. The cover button is my own made a couple years ago when I couldn't get enough of sculpey.

There are descriptions of each stage of the process in the file names of the photos you see. But I will write a complete instruction manual for this book to accompany the photos soon. Right now, the pictures will have to do.

I think I will keep this journal for myself. Very excited!

Signature 1 completed: started from the bottom at the tail,
left a 3 inch tail we'll use later to tie off with at the end of sig 2
Head of Sig 1, looping around top station before attaching sig 2.

Scooting Sig 1 down the Spine
Head of Sig 2.

Belting stations to inner lacing within spine

Tying off sig 2 to sig 1's tail