Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Variation on Pointed Pen with Barbara Calzolari

A note about signing up for both the lecture AND the workshop: If you purchase the workshop, the lecture comes WITH it and you do not need to buy it separately. I accidentally signed up for both, and Binders refunded me the $15.00 lecture fee. (You can, if you wish, only purchase the $15.00 lecture.)

Dear Friends,

I am about to burst with happiness at this wonderful news from Binders. Barbara Calzolari is coming this summer for a Lecture called "Passion for Calligraphy" and a 3-day workshop called "Variation on Pointed Pen."

I took a workshop from her last summer from FOTA (Atlanta Calligraphy Guild) on Fractur and am still quoting some of the things she said that touched me deeply. She talked about a "living letter" and used her whole body in the expression of that movement. She talked about slowing down, on focus, on letting go, and of course, technique. She was very exciting.

This workshop keys on calligraphy and the ability to mold and meld it to your message by stretching the mediums you've at your disposal. So there is a contemporary spin to an ancient art form. As artists, we are invited to interpret as much of ourselves and our worlds into our chosen mediums as we like. As we dare! And we can do it with an open sense of joy and reverence for our journey.

I will be bringing my pens and paper, but also skirts, tees and pillow cases. Shwing!

Variation on Pointed Pen with Barbara Calzolari

Beginner to Intermediate | Sale price until Jul. 14: $175, After Jul. 14: $190
Course fee is not refundable unless another student can take your space
Registration Deadline: Jul. 21 | Min. 10/Max. 15
Thurs.-Sun. Aug. 4-7
Thurs. Evening Lecture: Passion for Calligraphy, 6-8pm
Fri. & Sat. 10am-6:30pm, Sun.11am-5pm

Variation on Pointed Pen with Italian calligrapher Barbara Calzolari will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed! Delve into the understanding of lines that become letters with pencil, letters with the oblique pen holder and nibs, focus on words...spacing between them, space between lines and how to give power to a simple text. Look at the object that can live a second life with our writing. Why not inside a coat, on a cigar box, on the pillow or your cat? Calligraphy can be wherever you envision it to be! Learn how to write with a round brush and ink to fit your desired surface. Celebrate your new found expressions at the end of class with merriment and presentation of your work!

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