Thursday, March 24, 2011


Introducing KISS, the 5th painting for the Flora exhibit at Kai Lin Art. Kiss is all about embracing beauty. I used a fair amount of linseed oil on this one - lots of thick, juicy paint and carved out some texture with a pencil. Painting flowers is nothing new, but it was really frowned upon during my initial training as a painter way back in undergrad. Flowers, pink and anything feminine was met with caution, as was applying sentiment. It was all considered cliché, as was any female art student who dared talk about that subject matter. I could go on and on about the experiences, but just know that I am grateful for them, because working through the issues I created surrounding them has been and still is an amazing journey.

Kiss is about self kissing, being kissed, kissing others, opening to, and actively surrendering into the feeling enjoyment. Flora here is finding her body and she's eating her dessert first before anything else. She rolls cake icing around with her tongue on the inside of her smiling mouth and it's the icing she's eaten first and she relishes in it. Maybe she'll have the cake later. She's sweet and pink and blushing and blooming. Her stockings are black to add contrast to the colorgasm she's experiencing now.

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