Friday, March 25, 2011


And this is PURGE, painting 6 in my Flora series at Kai Lin Art. The anthropomorphic shape at the bottom is still Flora, yet also serves as a flower vase. Our ability to not only recover, but over-blossom when pruned severely always amazes me. I love watching this happen in the garden and let me tell you - we are no different. Life always finds a way.

Last year we severely pruned ourselves by moving swiftly out of a house and lifestyle that drained us. It was chosen during a time when Doug and I didn't really know who we were as a couple, much less as individuals, and we just stepped into the path before us without much thought. So we left the church, sold more than half of our belongings, cars, clothes, furniture and other baggage and squeezed into a more comfortable setting closer in town, closer to Anton's new school at the time, and closer to everywhere I teach. It was a major downsize and hurt very much at the time, but DAMN, just look at the results. Blossoming everywhere. I am no longer hiding behind the facade of my past. I am instead, choosing the present.

PURGE is about purposeful change, transformation and all of its components. It is beautiful. We flourish simply from making a choice.

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