Sunday, April 25, 2010

Need To Be Right

This is one I've been working on - an issue that blocks me from growing. Not needing to be right sort of redefines what being "wrong" means. Being wrong, or making a mistake is an opportunity. For change. No one's fucked up. No one's "done it again." No one fails. If you see those challenging and scary "errors", the one's that make us feel bad, the one's that make us worry about being labeled stupid, difficult, wrong, in trouble - as nudges in a different direction, then they're not so terrifying and are easier to bear.

Think of the child inside you - and telling that child they're a fuck-up. Could you really do that? Point to a little kid and be that cruel? So why do that to yourself? Or an event? Or another person? If I'm OK with my nudges, then I'm more okay with those that other people experience. And then, POOF, I'm more tolerant. And I've just nipped in the bud Headache # 23, 746.

Suddenly, I'm allowing love to touch me. And all those nudges really are love. And now I'm more loving.


Don't be embarrassed by your "mistakes." It's your own movement. Everything is a gift.

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EB said...

<3 you girl! nice reminder post.
xo liz b.