Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to Flow

Today is my 42nd birthday and man his this year been amazing so far. My errand list for yesterday was a list of four items:
1. Kai Lin Art Gallery
2. Binders
3. Bobbe Gillis Gallery
4. Bank

Did you see that? Art and money. Two forms of energy that are now trading frequently and fairly. I am learning how to balance it all, ask for what I want, create with flow, bend in the wind more easily without losing my footing. It's a me I've just met. The way over your fears is to dance with them. And I do mean dance.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me virtual kisses today. I love you all!

Mom's taking me shoe shopping today. I am smiling.



Lisa Holtzman said...

happy belated birthday. you inspire me. so glad you got your flow going good. i'm still learning to dance with my fears, thanks for blazing the trail.
hope you got some cute shoes!

Anne Elser said...

Thanks Lisa!

Super cute shoes. I'll post them. :)