Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Check out the first make-your-own-type experiment from! Kinda rough and chewey but still fun. 


minus five said...

so, you can load this into fontexplorer and type it in, say, illustrator and then do create outlines?

Anne Elser said...

I don't have Fontexplorer... just turned it on in FontBook. Then type it up within any program! And yes, create outlines if you want.

There are all kinds of beautiful vintage typefaces I've got as clip art from Dover. I'm thinking of scanning them into the template and then having then available for keystroking. BUT that would mean I'd have to find extra time on my hands.

Fuck. I wish I could purchase time. I wish there were at least three copies of myself to do all the things on my list I want to try.

minus five said...

oh even better! mary had some book with a bunch of old fonts--let's make her do it! i have a feeling this will be my next big obsession.