Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three New Classes


These are three new classes at Binders I'm teaching. 

The first is a 6-week Italic Calligraphy class from March 4th t0 April 18th on Wednesday nights from 6-8:30PM. 

Second is a 6-week Copperplate class from March 17th to April 21st on Tuesday nights from 6-8:30PM.

Thirdly is a 6-week Bookmaking class from April 1st - May 6th on Wednesday afternoons from 1-5PM. 

I am currently teaching an evening Copperplate class with 14 students! Sign up as soon as you can, to make sure there's room for you. 

For supply lists of these classes click the appropriate link below:


Anonymous said...

What time is the copperplate class you are currently teaching? When does/did it start? I would like to join that class.

I use to be a student of yours at PC and been dying to take a calligraphy class by you!



Anne Elser said...

Hi Kristen,

That class JUST ended last night.
Sign up for the one begining in March.
Looking forward to seeing you!