Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vintage map of Greece Coptic Book

A new sketchbook with a big blue A. Not for Athens, for Anne. Lined notebook paper that alternates with solid ivory stock as pages for me to fill up with calligraphy sketches. This book will be used for an apprenticeship with a hand engraver here in Atlanta who as graciously offered to train me. I am OH so excited and OH so happy and a little nervous. Wish me luck!


minus five said...

what's hand engraving?

minus five said...
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Anne Elser said...

Good question.
Ya know when you get a silver cup engraved with
pretty initials, a monogram, name or date? Most places now use a machine for all of that. But it used to be done by hand. It was done the old fashioned way with a graver (wooden-handled carving tool.) There are still some hand engravers that use an electric-powered hand graver - kind of like a dremel tool. But the groves are not as deep and it's not as pretty.

Hand engraving is deep and beautiful. It's the real stuff and of course more expensive because it's completely unique and comes with a lot of feeling from the artist.

The man I'm working with is John Fransciscus. He's amazingly patient. very kind. Straightforward. He was trained by masters and he himself is the best in this country.

Where calligraphy is all about speed and flourish, hand engraving is NOT. It's slow and thoughtful.

I'm just at the sketching stage and won't be introduced to the real metal for a little while. I'll keep you updated, though. This could really turn into something!