Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Big Boy Bed!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Anton's most recent rite of passage: the transition from crib to bed. It's very exciting and totally fun tucking him in under the covers. This kind of goodnight ritual is the one I remember as a child and even though it's a little sad saying goodbye to the crib, watching him grow into the next stage is a really exciting step into the future. Even more fun is watching in eagerly slip under the covers.

Doug and I went to IKEA this weekend and spent $300.00 on the whole thing, from bed to mattress, bedspread and linens. Growing up is such an adventure.

Annnnnnnnnd, a BIG congratulations to Obama and to my friends who have pushed so hard to fight for him. I will lean on you for the hope you are generating and will hope myself to better understand your happy expectations. Expect to see a visual tribute to his hard work here soon! Looks like our country has gone through a rite of passage itself.


Anonymous said...

How adorable is this! He looks like he loves it. Both of the girls still sleep in their beds from IKEA :) and sometimes I still get to tuck them in! lol

Jason said...

I'm so glad you called it a 'big boy bed!" Ian has loved his bbb since the first day he got it. He helped us put it together in the living room. He had no trouble sleeping in it until after a few weeks. But that was more about trouble sleeping than it was sleeping in the bbb. It was hard getting him used to the bedtime routine. If he could hear us, or knew that we were still awake, he wanted to be with us and would just cry & cry & cry. We had to put the dog gate at his door so he couldn't come out of his room; but he would just stand there and cry.

And now, he's reading himself to sleep. It's amazing.

Anne Elser said...

Jason, I SO hear you about the trails of changing the bedtime routine. If Anton wakes up in the middle of the night and is fully awake, he doesn't want to be alone. So we bring him to bed with us, which is actually quite nice.

If Anton is allowed to cry and cry and cry, he makes himself throw up - which, as you know, is quite the traumatic experience for all of us. He did that his first few days of school - threw up on the teacher, on me when I dropped him off... ah it was wonderful. But now it's great and he can't wait to go to school.

Kudos to Ian for reading himself to sleep!