Friday, November 21, 2008

5-ply Cashmere Around My Neck

Oh, dear god I have met my maker. This lovely hank I got from Knitch last weekend has just about put me over the edge of guilty pleasure. I am knitting up the Folding Triangle Scarf Pattern by Lynn Vogel I mentioned in an earlier post (by the way, she sells the pattern cheaper at her own ETSY site than do other retailers!) with this yummy stuff of gold, pink and green hues. I better stop before I faint with pleasure. The wonderful thing about this pattern is that it's just varied enough to keep me interested, but not overwhelmed. You try a new pattern for a while, almost enough to memorize the stitch, and then you're on to something new for another comfortable go.

Cashmere 5 is made by Art Yarns out in White Plains New York. The 5 strands are usually seen twisted (called plys) but here they lay side by side and do a pretty good job of staying together because of cashmere's fuzzy factor. This color's got a number (#105), not a name and is a lovely mixture of rose, ochre and green and is lovingly dyed by hand. So every hank is unique. Also the more you wear something knitted in cashmere, the fuzzier it gets. Just like the Velveteen Rabbit. :) Cashmere 5 can be described in one word: orgasm.

More to come as I get closer to my happy ending. (tee hee!)

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