Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coptic Cowboys

From time to time, my devoted mother finds vintage books and gives them to me, knowing full well that they'll be sacrificed to the whims of my xacto blade and bookbinding needle. This one's a real treasure and I think will delight any big boy whose got fond memories of his 1950's childhood room decor. The type, color palette and description of equipment is charming and ripe for the gluing. I am still preparing for a book show in December at the Bobbe Gillis Gallery. Look for this one here an come by, even if just to say hello. They are THE nicest people and I plan on pricing everything to fit everyone's tighter recession-friendly budgets.

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minus five said...

your mom is awesome for being such a good lookout. my family still has no idea what kinds of things they should be grabbing for me.