Tuesday, November 04, 2008

To Cry or Not To Cry

Last weekend Doug and I saw Clint Eastwood's Changeling. It was fabulous. He shows great restraint throughout the film and I was never once bored. This film could have been a real tear-jerker. But it gracefully avoided cliches and stuck to the facts.

It was horrifying to watch a woman being treated so cruelly and without respect. Women and children were both devalued in this story.

And I know it sounds cheezey, but it all ended with a message of hope. It was beautiful. Tragic. And so artfully told without overtelling anything.

Clint Eastwood is such the master and from what I understand, he's the best director out there who treats his actors with a great amount of respect. I think he's probably the only honorable man left in Hollywood!

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minus five said...

cool. it's at the theater across the street with me, but i didn't know anything about it. i'll go check it out now.