Monday, July 16, 2007

~:T H E • R I G H T • S I D E • O F • T H E • O D D S:~

Well it seems there are more things to be grateful for around here. A few weeks ago, DougieFresh had an endoscopy thingie done to take a closer look at his stomach because of acid reflux disease. It was sa routine kind of thing to see if there were any other causes for his discomfort. The stomache Dr. found this lovely little bump in his tummy, with a 95% chance of it being benign. Because we had been on the wrong side of the odds before, like being on the high risk pregnancy floor for 2 months with all the other 1 percenters at Northside Hospital, Doug worried. For 2 months he worried, as we waited for news through another procedure and biopsy.

We got the news of a benign tumor on Friday. Today I found this lovely image on the fridge with Doug's sharpie note added.


minus five said...

i'm glad nothing ended up being wrong. i've currently got something similar going on with one of my organs. i have to go see a third doctor, hopefully sometime this week. i'll just be glad to figure out what it is and what it is not.

so far, they haven't mentioned cancer, which i would probably take worse than what they have told me. possible organ failure.

anyway, i'm sorry you guys were put through that. i can relate in my own little way and it sucks. good news though. very good news.

Anne Elser said...

Oh Sarah! I hope you're OK. Really OK. I will pray for good news for you!!

minus five said...

thanks. i'm really kind of in denial about the whole thing, so that's helping quite a bit.