Friday, July 27, 2007

~:TBD Appalachian Trail Journal: Days 5-21:~

Day 5

Today was an extremely rough day. I hikes 11 miles from Neels Gap to Low Gap shelter. There was only one spring along the way and it was 2.2 miles from the start. The temp was in the 90's. At about 8 miles I started getting heat rash and feeling lightheaded. I was in such a hurry (because of the water situation) to get to Low Gap, that I didn't stop for a "good" lunch. (Only ate a candy bar). at 9 miles and only 2 cups of water left I thought I was getting heat stroke. I stopped and ate a couple mouthfuls of honey. It saved me. I got to the shelter around 6 pm. It was nice and big with plenty of water. Three people (good people) were there. we had a good relaxing evening.

Tough day.

Nice evening.

Day 6

Yesterday evening at the shelter I met Bill, a 57 year old retired Floridian and gary, a 36 year old psychologist, photographer, antique dealer from atlanta. Good guys.

We SEPARATELY hiked the morning 7 miles to Rocky Knob shelter. I was the first one to arrive.

As I was approaching the shelter I saw two whitetail deer. Good size, too. They were both does. They stopped and looked at me, then leapt off over a ridge. These were the first deer I've seen this trip.

Tomorrow will be a rough day. So I better rest.

Day 7
5:30 pm

Today was a fairly tough day. Very hilly. I hiked 9 miles. My blisters are still somewhat of a problem.

I'm now at Montray shelter. It's above an above average shelter.

Saw my first porcupine today. He didn't even stop and look, just took off.

You'll be happy to know I'm sleeping with two girls tonight. Joni, a 35 year old from new Hampshire and anne, a 49 year old from Virginia. Both thru hikers.

I don't hink I have any right to complain about the pain, after the people I've met so far.

Bill just walked up. He looks really tired.

I've just met some really neat people so far. That's important.

Anne's a 7th grade science teacher. She's been teaching for 25 years and says the reason she's doing it (she says) "I want to do something crazier than teaching."

Joni works for the Red Cross. I don't know much else about her. They're both good people.

This place is amazing.

Day 21

I've spent the last 8 days at Rainbow Springs Campground, recovering from my badly abused blisters.

Buddy and Jencine (owners of the campground) made me feel very welcome. They are really great people. They go out of their way to help hikers. I shall like to go back there someday.

You know, I will really miss the people I've met that have passed me. I know there will be more.

I'm alone tonight with the shelter all to myself, not much fun. I've found that I like to hike by myself, but at night I enjoy the company of others.

Today was a tough day. It was like starting all over again. Too much food and beer last week I guess. Oh well. You know what they say; such is life.

My blisters have almost totally healed but they're still kinda sore, shot - everything's kinda sore. You know what they say....

Felling' kind of down tonight. but I know I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm still glad I'm out here.

Someday soon the aches and pains will be no more and then you'll hear me complain no more.

"Darling Boy"

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Anonymous said...


This is a breathtaking and holy privilege. I love you deeply.


Anne Elser said...

And I love you right back for saying that.

Anonymous said...

There is much space between day 7 and day 21 -- was he dealing with blisters. I am into this, now.


Anne Elser said...

I think he must have had a lot of time to write, because he was off the trail healing those blisters.