Saturday, September 30, 2006

Good morning, everyone. I'm Doug Elser, a guest columnist on the ever-popular annepages. Just wanted to give everyone an update on both Anne and our new arrival, Anton.

Anne was readmitted to Northside on Thursday with problems stemming from postpartum preeclampsia, also known as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. In an earlier post, she spoke of the horrific headache she had right after delivery. Well, it never really went away...and after being discharged on Wednesday -- without the aid of the good hospital drugs -- the headache came back with a vengeance on Thursday morning.

Anne is such a strong woman, but 37 days in the hospital, plus a c-section, plus a headache that she rated (without hyperbole) as a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10...Well, damn, I can't help but feel that she's had quite enough "character-testing."

when they finally figured out that Anne's 160/105 blood pressure was nearly TWICE her own normal pressure, coupled with the headache, and some bloodwork...they got the diagnosis of PIH correct. and gratefully, it is mild. Her pressures are coming down, and after many many ct-scans and mri's, they have ruled out any serious brain problems. Last night, a headache/migraine specialist came to see us, gave her a cocktail, and now her pain is down from 20 to 3, maybe less (I'll let you know when she wakes up!).

Anne would love to hear from all of you wonderful friends out there via email and your usual wonderful posts here. Signs point toward being released back home on Sunday. and then finally the chance to enjoy our beautiful boy.

grandma Nancy came by with Anton yesterday afternoon, and he got some QT with mommy and daddy. He is too wonderful for words. He's also eating like a little pig, trying to catch up in the weight department so he can start wearing pants that won't make him look like MC Hammer ala 1989.

love to all,

Doug, Anne, and Anton


minus five said...

that sucks. hopefully you'll get to go home on sunday and be done with hospitals for a while.

of course you could be faking it because you might have secretly grown to love being there with nurse marva.

Jason said...

We wish you all the best. This is the craziest of times. Those first couple of weeks with Ian were the hardest of them all. His weight went down because he couldn't figure out how the boob works, and he was Jaundice, and we had no idea what was going on. You three are some tough cookies and if you can make it this far, you can make it anywhere.

Collin Kelley said...

Hope you're doing better, Anne. :) Hey just wait until Having this massive headache is good practice for when Bimp...errr a teenager. lol

angie said...

what's wrong with MC Hammer pants?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug, for keeping us posted. It's horrible for Anne, that she's had to endure yet another challenge...miserable headache & separation from your precious Anton & you...and home & Bjorn! I am praying that she is well enough to come home today & rest with Anton in her arms! You must be worn out from all the anxiety as well! Thank God for Nancy & Tom and a real diagnosis!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Doug. We all said Anne's name outloud today in church and are united in our prayers for her and you-all. We faithfully hold you up (hold you up is a leftover phrase from my fundamentalist days, but one I've kept because it is apt and true - holding you in love and focus, holding you up, up, up...).

Mo said...

thank you Doug for the picture. he is so adorable! i hope anne made it home in time to watch the Braves kill any Astros hopes for going to the playoffs! now I have a migraine! i hope you can get your son back from grandpa tom! love to you three and i hope the next meesage is that anne made it home!

Mary Campbell said...

Thanks for the update! Anton is adorable and I hope Anne makes it home safely TODAY!! I'm thinking about you guys can't wait to see more cute pics :)

Michelle Rollins said...

wow. I hope you are okay now. what a beautiful baby. I know how much you both wanted mr. anton.

Wow happy birthday! All my love and my prayers.

talk to you soon.