Friday, September 22, 2006

~:B I M P • I S • R E A D Y:~

After such a long trip, we are cleared for take off! Bimp's lung maturity results came back loud and clear - he is ready.

I will be prepped tomorrow morning here in my room at 6:00 and will be downstairs in the anywhere from 7:00 - 8:00. Surgery is scheduled for 9:00. After living in this four-walled room for a month, they will cut a little window out for Bimp and I to leave - together - to meet you all on the other side.

Next time you get an e-mail from Doug or me, we'll be parents. Oh joy. I cannot explain in words how I feel. Bimp and I enjoyed our last meal together tonight, connected by a physical cord. Mom, Dad and Doug brought a yummy dinner and we chinked our styrofoam cups together in a toast to honor this long journey's end of waiting. It's a little sad, saying goodbye to this pregnancy, though I'm so looking forward to the next stage.

The next time I see Bimp, we'll be breathing the same air. I imagine we'll both be crying.

Sweet dreams,



Doug Elser said...

it's been an incredible ride, to be sure. the dinner *was* yummy, and anne is the loveliest pregnant woman i've ever seen.

and one of the funniest, wouldn't you agree?

Nancy said...

Ready, set, gooooooo!

Tania Rochelle said...

I know you're going to be busy loving Bimp and all this afternoon, but --PLEASE--someone in that room post a picture today.

Until then, thoughts/prayers your way.

Ten minutes.

Patti said...

Welcome to your world, young Bimp! Many blessings on you and your wonderful, loving family! What an exciting, laughter, hug & kiss- filled life you have before you! First, your mom & dad will just delight in getting to know you, relishing in your precious "realness"! I'm waiting to read Mom's next post!

A said...

WELCOME!!!!! I am SO excited and relieved for you. Good luck on life, Bimp! You have a lot of people praying for you!

Pack Rats said...

hurry, i'm dying in down here in Houston!

a/ok said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Bimp! Congrats, Anne and Doug.

minus five said...

umm, hello... i didn't come all the way down to atlanta for nothing... where's the kid?