Sunday, August 20, 2006

~:P I T • P A R T Y:~

Yep! Minus Five Enterprises came to town for a visit and on her way out, stopped by to meet Bimpie and me, escorted by the lovely Tania. Kinda cool to have been in the same room with these 2 troublemakers after bravely attacking the blogosphere for so many months together. They even got to see the BjornMouse in recovery, who was happy to greet them, although not looking his prettiest.

Minus came bearing a most generous assortment of fun gifts for Bimp and me. Thank you THANk you! Shoes from that fab NY store, infant wear and some badly needed product. Oh, I cannot wait to try everything!

Doug took several flattering pictures of the three of us to choose from - this was by far the favorite pose - chosen in honor of Mary. :-)


Mary Campbell said...

nice...very nice....thank you for that little slice of heaven on a Sunday morning.

Tania Rochelle said...

Too bad that was the most flattering picture of me. I was actually happy to be there.

minus five said...

yeah, tania, you look pissed. i just look retarded. i think anne meant that it was the most flattering picture of her. but hey, who can blame her? i would have done the same.

and mary, be glad i didn't expose my pit. i had shirt lint on them again and didn't want to kill you.

Anne Elser said...

Oh will you two cease your bellyaching, already!?

This was the ONLY pit picture we took, remember? Plus, I think your pits are prettier than mine.

minus five said...

oh yeah, i forgot it was the only one to choose from. i guess we didn't do so bad for only one try then.

you wouldn't be saying anything about pretty pits if mine had actually been shown covered in lint.