Thursday, August 17, 2006

~:S U R G E R Y • F O R • B J O R N:~ Little Bjorn just got out of bladder surgery this afternoon. Poor little guy had 8 bladder stones removed! One really big one and the rest were smaller. I feel so badly for him. But the surgery went off well without any complications. He's fine now and will rest there for the night. We'll go pick him up tomorrow with instructions for a new diet. Apparently, bladder stones can be more common in small breeds. He should be feeling much better pretty soon, though, which relieves me.

All this time we were thinking he was peeing more often and in strange places to show off, to mark his territory or to just be naughty. Last night Doug noticed his urine was darker and I saw him crying at the the door we made him to let himself out. Poor baby! It must have really hurt to pee. A warning to all you pet owners out there - if your pet does anything different, even if you think it's just behavioral, consider that there may be a medical explanation out there.

One funny thing I should tell you is that before they wheeled him into surgery, he was laying there on the cot with the little blue paper hat on and little Totes footies on all 4 paws, looked up at me and the nurse and then asked if while they were down there, could they give him an enlarged peenie. Oh, we all laughed. That Bjorn. Always joking.

A shout out to da BjornMouse - we love you and are tinkin' about you!



k said...

you da man, bjorn. just let anne take care of you for a while and all will be o-k.

Mary Campbell said...

that is too funny! When I took Fox and Red to get their shots, Fox asked the doc the same thing...all of that coming from a dog with no balls..

Doug Elser said...

it's made all the more funny by the fact that bjorn has already had penile enhancement surgery. you think once would be enough, but no, he won't be happy until he's packing four centimeters.

Mary Campbell said...

Terriers and Toy breeds...their egos are out of control.