Sunday, August 20, 2006

~:3 2 • W E E K S:~

So I am feeling pretty proud of myself, having reached 32 weeks. I can't really take much credit though, for carrying Bimp safley thus far - it is through of the generosity of friends and family that Bimp and I are safe. The Dykes and the gang (Jeff & Bonnie, Mom & Dad, Jim & Anita, Catherine & Bob, Gray & Jean) threw us a lovely shower last night and we're all still reeling from it. Thank you to everyone who helped pull this together and who came to celebrate with us. We love you all and are grateful for your friendship.

Doug and I sat in the nursey for most of the day, sorting through Bimp's new baby booty (as Doug calls it) putting things in drawers, talking about how much fun last night was. Bonnie's the master of all things entertaining - we were lavishly fed and her sangria kept everyone cool and comfortable. I was able to enjoy a bit of it, too. Oh, what a luxury that was. Better than the Ambien!

Take a look at the fun pictures we took at the shower. And thank you again to everyone there.

Much love,

~ Doug, Anne and Bimp


Jason said...

Anne, you look great! keep it up.

Have you gone through all the flicks I lent you?

Anne Elser said...

Yes! watched the muppett movie and What About Bob. THANK you. How do I get them back to you?