Friday, February 10, 2006

~:K I T T Y * L O V E:~

I have shamefully neglected to tell you about my two beautiful cats, as Bjorn and his big personality jockey for position in this house. Time for me to share a bit about Gunther and Olaf, who are incredibly patient with Bjorn and all his silly silliness.

I have had Gunther since 1992. Got him from the Albuquerque pound when he was just 2 years old. In 1994, he drove back to Atlanta with me in my 78 volvo - crying the entire first day and sleeping for the next. Gunther stuck with me through my student years at PC and then moved with me to Midtown once I started my career. The first week in the city really freaked him out - so onto valium he went and we could both sleep again.

Shortly after Tommy died, I decided to treat myself to a tattoo and a new kitten. In comes Olaf, who was so little, kitten food was too much for him - so he got turkey his 1st 2 weeks with us. Gradually, Gunther accepted Olaf into the family. Today they are inseparable.

Let me tell you how heavenly it was to be a single girl and the owner of 2 lovely cats. I used to wake up in the morning with 2 creatures on my chest, staring down at me and purring madly. I'd wake up laughing every time.

When I come home, it's like being Snow White. All the creatures in our house converge and we make family together. It's a nice life. I can't imagine not having a pet. All my life we've had at least one dog. I got my first cat when I was 6. Named her Rosemary. And I've had a cat ever since then.

The best thing about having Gunther is that he's big and heavy and really laid back. He's a lap hog - the very second your but hits the surface of a chair our the couch, he's there waiting to jump up. I can hold Gunther in my arms and he won't ever ask to be put down. He'll start purring by just looking at you. He's so relaxed that the picture you see here is of him sitting on my scanner. All I did was press the scan button and ta-da, he sat still enough for the machine to do its thing. He he.

The best thing about Olaf is his slight build and quirky nature. Olaf is a tiny creature with a very long tail. He's beautiful. He's also a hands-off cat. Does not like to be picked up, but once you're quiet and peaceful enough, he'll com sit in your lap on the couch. The only time he really loves to be vigorously petted is when he's eating. He's an odd creature, but entertaining nonetheless. And sweet in his quiet own way.

So there you have it! Any questions?


Mary Campbell said...

I love the kitten-scan! Now I feel like I have been neglectful of my kitties...all of the spotlight on my two dogs and no accolades for Sprout and Oliver...I'll have to work on that.

amy rush said...

Anne! I found your blog when searching for PC. I love your cats! They're so cute! The scan is cool. I bet my cat Jonah would sit through that, too. I have tried my hand at blogging, too....feel free to check mine out if you'd like...not much to see, really, but it's kind of fun to do. I miss seeing Bjorn - but my classes are all at night this quarter. Take care!