Saturday, February 04, 2006

~:C L O S E R * T O * A * H U G:~

Hello everyone. Making progress here with the Spiral Lace Capelet. When I first posted my beginning adventure with this pattern, I was not quite convinced I'd be able to complete the project. I prefer working on little projects because they are kinder to my hands and the gratification is faster. This time I tried working on a couple of projects simultaneously, so my interest never wanes and my hands get to hold a variety of needles. I am doing fine!

Knitting with Andean Silk from has been a real pleasure - it's hefty yet glides through my fingers. The pattern is quite easy - looks like a cable, but is actually a series of yarn-overs and decreases. So it puckers and ripples in all the right places. I have knit up about 8.5 inches. At 11, I'll begin decreases for a couple of inches around the shoulders.

I am a person who is forever cold, so I'm really excited about wearing this wrap. It looks like it'll feel like giant hug. When I am finished, I'll post the final.

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Michelle Rollins said...

wow, that fiber looks so soft. If you use it let me know how it is. love the colors!