Wednesday, February 08, 2006

~: H A N D K I S S E S * C O M P L E T E D :~

Ta da! Finis. Finally finished the fingerless mitts in this lovely angora and I am very happy. Took more photos if you're interested. They are very snuggly to wear but don't quite hug my hands like I need them to. Angora just isn't springy and elastic when knit up, or at least this pattern isn't. But I love the colors - pinks, greens, brown and yellow.


maryk said...

they look AWEsome.

Michelle Rollins said...

okay, did you try putting the yarn in the freezer? did it work for you?

I can't seem to master the finger hole size. It is always to big. Any suggestions?

Anne Elser said...

Bell, I didn't freeze the yarn - just loostened my grip a little.

For the finger holes, I go down to a smaller needle - about 1 or 2 sizes down. I like my finger holes tight and snug!