Sunday, February 12, 2006

~:B A K E * B R E A D * I N S T E A D:~

This was a trying weekend. Just as I finished up my Spiral Lace Capelet that I've been proudly slaving over for the past coupla months, I try it on and BANG, it's to fucking BIG. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG. It's too big to fix, since it's knit in a tube and if I were to correct it and make it smaller, I'd have to start from the beginning and cast on far fewer stiches. Fuck that. I am going to "rip that shit out", as they say, and use the yarn for something else! A different pattern from the Interweave Press SCARF STYLE book. Another knitter made one in pink, a Turtleneck Shrug by Teva Durham. This woman did a terrific job of inspiring me.

I also decided to start on another knitting project (smaller this time) from my friend Marlis. It's a little scarflet that wraps around your neck once, is very short and is fastened by one of the two pom-poms on either end. I'm really excited about this one. Am double stranding two yarns of kid mohair. It's oh so fuzzy and soft. Kinda like the fingerless mitts but not as fragile. I am knitting this in a 2x2 rib with size 8 needles. So far, size is not an issue, thankgodinheaven.

What else did I do this weekend to soothe my heartache? I baked bread. Three loaves. Ahhhh. There is nothing like the smell of home baked bread in your kitchen. I can still smell it the next morning. First loaf I tried was a quick bread called Nutty Yogurt Bread. It's very heavy, full of mixed nuts, toasts realy well - although I must admit the slices were too heavy to pop up on their own without a little help from my hungry hands. This loaf was real easy. No rising invloved. Just mix the wet and dry ingerdients and pour into a baking pan. Makes you look like a genius. We ate this nutty bread for breakfast yesterday. For those of you who like "egg-on-toast", I highly recommend this texured bread.

Second loaf I tried was Mantovana Olive Oil Bread. Yuhhmeeeeeeeee! Crisp on the outside and soft and fine on the inside. This loaf requires two rises, but it's worth the effort. We'll make sandwiches tonight with this and I'll have something showy to bring to lunch at school this week. Woo hoo!


kdk said...

Oh, Anne! Your post made me want to cry. I've totally been there -- after working so long on a project that you're *so very excited* about, you finish, and it doesn't fit. Then you don't know whether to scream and throw things or just sit there and cry. Or both. And it's so gorgeous! But I'm glad the bread made you feel a little better. It looks delicious -- I may have to try out those recipes...

Anne Elser said...

Thanks KDK, for your emapthy. I almost did cry. Went for a walk with my husband and upon returning, decided to recycle my efforts and try something new. For some reason, I can't picture myself being patient enough to try the pattern again. I'm just so disgusted with it! I've posted the recipe for the Nutty loaf if you're interested.