Monday, September 27, 2010

I've been Buzzed!

Thank you to Bride Buzz for this awesome write-up!

Anne Elser Calligraphy

Some of the coolest calligraphy we've ever seen...

Every once in a while we feel our passion for calligraphy fading. After all, it’s so traditional and old-school (not too mention expensive), that sometimes we forget why we love it so much. Then one day we come across a calligrapher like Atlanta-based Anne Elser and we quickly remember just how special and stunning calligraphy can be. Honestly, her stuff is totally insane.

Elser does everything from basic requests like envelopes and place cards to more intricate jobs like invite design and save-the-date creation. And her style is amazing. She can do anything from modern to romantic to super-traditional. And everything is beautiful.

Though she’s based in Atlanta, more than half her clients are from out-of-state, and the process is totally simple: Just look through her site (obsessed!) and then let her know what you love. She will create a few pencil sketches and then send them to you to get your opinions. You and she can work together until everything is perfect, then she will “ink it up” and send you a final image to approve via email.

Her waiting list can be long, and the prices aren’t low, but honestly, if you can afford it, you should definitely get in touch and see what she can create for you. It’s like adding works of art to your wedding vision. Hard to top that.


lu said...

Yay, Anne! I'm a proud former student who is using some of the skills learned in your class for new packaging! (Be on the lookout for ASSETS at Target - will have a new hand done look!!

Also will have to tap into my skills for my upcoming wedding..was trying to think of those beautiful vases you had many ideas!

Thinking of you often and hope all is well!!

Anne Elser said...

COngrats Christy! Can't wait to see the new work!

lu said...

Thanks! Quick question - i loved your instructions for scanning in drawings, btw - do you have anything similar for hand drawn type? I've mainly been live tracing and then manipulating in illustrator to smooth out the rough spots...but not sure if htere is a better way? do you always trace with the pen tool or can you get away just using live trace sometimes? Thanks in advance for any tips...i guess i'm still a student of yours. ;) xx, ce

Anne Elser said...

Great question! I do the same for type as I do for imagery. I don't like LiveTrace because it gives a signature look to everything it touches. Instead, I scan in the type very high res and crate a path within Photoshop to export into Illustrator.

I also draw with a pen tool at times. Scan in a lo res sketch and bring it into Illustrator as the bottom layer. Trace on a layer above and all is well.

Fun fun fun!

lu said...

ahhh! thank you! I have been fighting trying to figure out the best way to do this - i can't wait to try!

Lisa Holtzman said...

Fantastic Anne - congrats!!!