Monday, September 06, 2010

Enjoy This Book

Finally close to finishing my first Opened Book. This is bound using the Secret Beligian Binding technique. I finally broke down and used a curved needle to stitch the signatures to the inner lacings. I bent one of my binding needles over an open candle flame using two tiny pliers. Easy! Just wipe the soot off with soapy water and you're good to go.

The covers have a thin layer of one-ply chipboard attached that's smaller than the overall size of the 2-ply underneath. Front cover has a little window cut into the 1-ply so there's this delicate ridge your fingers can find and enjoy that gives the book sculptural appeal. Fabric is from Forsyth Fabrics and was made into bookcloth by adhering it to Washi paper with acrylic gel medium. Super easy and fast.

The elastic I got in the kids beading section of Michaels and braided three pieces together to make a stronger band. Stiching a vintage button to the front cover makes closing the book tightly fast and easy.

I also gave the covers extra width to make room for two elastic loops that can hold a pen or pencil.

I cannot wait to begin journaling in this book.

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