Thursday, September 23, 2010


Anton turns four today! We're having a little party for him on Saturday. Doug's been away the first part of this week and so Bunny and I have had a lot of time together. We made a new and different kind of connection the other day that has me floored and wowed and in awe of our special relationship. Just when you think you can't get any deeper with your child, they do something amazing that pulls you in in a way you least expected.

Most of what he's been interested in has been cars and trains. But since the school year started, his interests have exploded. He's loving the idea of character play/role play. Every toy he loves has a voice, and it's my job to get into character when he says "Hiro? Where are we going today?" It's loads of fun. He also loves playing store or kitchen. I think for his birthday we are getting him a pretend grill. Mom and Dad are getting him a red guitar. :)

We are going on day 7 of visiting the koi pond and outdoor train set at Hastings. Six visits in a row!

Tuesday we were at Michaels and he asked to get these two paper houses. We took them home and I brought out my good acrylics and good brushes. I put wax paper down on the counter and took his shirt off and watched him go. He was SO intense. Carefully considering which side or surface to paint which color. He was thorough and thoughtful. When they dried he picked out two cars to go with each house. He slept with them that very night. He loves to drive the cars up to the front doors and say "I'm home!" This makes me melt.

Sharing my greatest creative gift with him has been so enchanting. Here we are, making art together. It's an amazing feeling.

I've learned something. Give your kids the good paints and good brushes. Kids soft brushes are terrible and don't give you any control. Their work is better when they use better quality materials. Acrylics can be brushed off your hands easily with a nail brush and soap and water. They can also be scraped off the counter. They don't really stain. It's all plastic paint.

I hate tempera (kids quality) paints. Messy and weak bases that give you much every time and crack on the paper when you roll it up to transport. Acrylics dry quickly. So you can layer colors nicely. And they can thin colors with water that give a really beautiful layering effect.

I am happy!

Happy, Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. You are strong, creative, thoughtful, kind and generous. You are energetic, powerful, passionate and empathetic. Everything about you is a gift.

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