Wednesday, August 04, 2010


None of the bedrooms Doug and I have shared (this makes the third one) have ever been really finished. The more publicly visible rooms in our homes got all the attention and the private nest just never got as cozy as I would have liked. Until now. This house is so tiny, so perfectly proportioned and evenly spaced, everything gets my attention. No space is left unloved. I love living small. LOVE the tiny fridge. The tiny porch, tiny yard, short driveway, ultra mini pantry. I see all of it and it sees me.

I decided to put most of the mirrors we own into this beautiful little green bedroom. It now reflects everything - color, space and light. Makes the room feel twice as big, without losing its snuggly appeal. And it's interesting - when you put up beautifully framed mirrors, you and your movement become the art. It constantly changes. The time of day, the feel of the air, the fabric you're wearing, your face, your movements - it all gets reinterpreted in these mirrors.

I am now on the lookout for more mirrors. And that's not just on the physical side. I mean metaphorical mirrors, too. I am opening to change.

And by the way - this is Doug in bed. And that E was from an old sign. The oval white-framed mirror was in my childhood bedroom. And the headboard was my grandparent's. The pillows were from my needlepointing days.

I am loving this house.

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