Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fairy Dust

Tomorrow morning I spend at the Atlanta Progressive Preschool's finishing a Rachel Carson quote I'm painting on the office wall. I left it the way you see here on Friday morning. As I painted, we decided that the type was flat with just black lettering, as pretty as it was. It still needed a punch. Talk of faries came up and before I knew it, the white accents turned into pixie dust and Rachel Carson's wisdom began to shimmer to life.

This has been so much fun.

Part of the school's philosophy is to have parents donate 15 hours of their time to the school in the medium they feel most able to share. You can do laundry, gardening, art projects, stories, playtime with the kids, volunteer at festivals, etc. I decided to volunteer in the Studio (art room) and to create an APP cookbook. Last year was to paint this quote on the wall. The school invites you to bring your gifts to the open table. Their "diversity" is a strength.

When you choose a school for your child, choose the one that's also a good fit for you and for your family. You can never go wrong.

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