Friday, June 11, 2010

New Envelope Style

There's a new envelope style I want to welcome to the family, a slant with a cheeky crop at the far left edge. I did a few samples of these for a delightful vendor out in California, Mae Mae Paperie and they were SO much fun!

You see it above with a freshly cut bouquet of seedum Autumn Joy cuttings my friend Tina advised me to take. Sedum, when left to grow on its own, can grow so tall that it collapses from its own weight. When trimmed to a third of its size just before flowering, it will grow twice as many blossoms on smaller stems, leaving a short thick base for each two blossoms. I love this plant and when we moved into this house, it was crowded around the side of the house, choked in a small bed with orange day lilies. Doug and I dug up the bulbs and moved them better locations around the mailbox and at the base of some of the fence posts. They are very happy there! I won't be around to see the sedum's double blossoms. But I'll take these rooted cuttings with me to the new home.

Tomorrow we pack stuff in boxes. I will remind myself to smile while doing it. Not much point in moving when you're miserable. :)


Colleen said...

I love these envelopes!

I'm a bookmaking minor at the Savannah College of Art and Design- Atlanta. My best friend Shelley works at Kai Lin Gallery and she introduced me to your work. I really love it!

Anne Elser said...

Oh, thank you Colleen for the generous comment! Nice to meet you. Isn't Shelley wonderful!?