Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is a case bound book I made a couple months ago in the last bookmaking session. It's covered with imported washi paper from Washi Accents and the tiny pink flowered paper in the middle is from Binders. It comes in about 4 different shades, blue, pink, orange and green. The paper wrapped around the spine is a solid washi from Binders that I painted with acrylic. The headbands are made from the same solid paper and the pages are a Canson drawing paper that's smooth, thick and in a lovely warm ivory tone.

Tiny words at front (Journey) and back (Ending) are from a teacher's educational master vocabulary workbook where all the correct answers are circled in red. It was a real find at the Atlanta Vintage Books.

One of the great things about moving and throwing out things is that you find stuff you thought had been gone for years. For the past 8 years, my prismacolor set was sleeping in a box in our attic. I found it and started going through some of the blank pages in this book to add graph lines, grid marks and writing lines. SO much fun to make and NO I did not measure each one perfectly. They're all random!

The pink ink in the italic calligraphy pen is from Artlite. Artlite has the most fabulous pen collection and a really fun supply of lined and graphed paper pads that when alternated with blank paper, make great pages for a book. LOVE!

The notes you see written inside are all about this move and the encouragement I'm getting from god, friends and guides. It is glorious.

Back to packing!


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