Friday, June 04, 2010

Coptic Bookmaking Workshop at Kai Lin Art

Friends! I will be teaching a new round of bookmaking workshops at the Kai Lin Art Gallery in Midtown. The first one is set for Saturday, June 26th, from 10-5pm. Going to be fun! Contact Shellie DuBois to reserve your spot: 404.408.4248.

Coptic Bound Bookmaking Workshop

Spend a Saturday making your very own Coptic Bound Journal. We will make covers and pages
for your books and learn how to stitch them together using this ancient Egyptian technique.

If you’d like to shop for materials in the supply list before the workshop, Binders Art Supply in Buckhead has all the supplies you’ll need.

Anything you need help choosing or don’t have time to get berforehand can be purchased down the street from the Kai Lin Gallery at Utrecht art supply during the first hour of the workshop.

We will then return to glue, fold, pierce and stitch our books together. We’ll take a break to eat lunch and by the end of class, you’ll be very proud of your first beautiful, strong, yet flexible book.

Our workshops are fast and fun. You won’t want it to end! Come join us!

For more information about different bookmaking techniques and a more extensive supply list and links, please visit

Anne Elser Essential Bookmaking Supply List
Shop with Anne the beginning of class. E-mail her for questions:

1. Lineco® medium-duty awl $12.79
2. Lineco® pack of bookbinding needles $5.99
3. Lineco® bone folder $5.59
4. 2-ply chipboard $4.00
(30 x 40 sheet, cut into quarters)
5. Washi Paper, 2 coordinating sheets $10.00
This is decorative handmade paper that comes in many
different patterns, textures and weights. Pick two sheets
you like together that are not tissue paper thin.
6. Mechanical Pencil $3.19
7. Exacto Knife & blades $3.63
I prefer the Fiskars brand if you want to upgrade.
8. Self-healing cutting mat $9.39
At least 12 x 18.
9. Stiff & springy glue brush $1.09
This price refelcts an inexpensive version of a chid’s
craft brush. Lineco makes a larger glue brushes if
you’d like to upgrade.
10. Non-slip metal ruler $3.89
This price reflects a cork-backed ruler. I find the foam
backed rulers sturdier, if you’d like to upgrade.
11. 8oz container of Acrylic Gel Medium $9.39
Coatings like gloss or matt do not matter because
we’ll brush this on and use as an adhesive to cover our
chipboard with paper.
12. Blank letter sheets of paper (20-25) $5.00
I like to use paper that feels good in my hands.
Sometimes I alternate blank pages with lined and
graphed paper. If you can’t find a ream of separate
sheets you like, then buy a pad of paper you like
and either cut or tear them out.

Bring from Home
1. Scissors
2. Roll of Wax Paper
3. A phonebook to help pierce holes in paper.

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