Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Painted Books

I've finally made the first jump into painting the covers of my books instead of covering them with collages. My next exploration will be to combine the processes for a different kind of depth. These were SO much fun.

It's been a long time since I used acrylic paints. I've forgotten how quickly they dry but I love the way they layer. There's no mud! But while I paint, I've got to act quickly, because before you know it, the color you mixed is dry and no longer spreadable. Think I might explore using a retarder to slow down drying time. But so far, I'm liking the effect it makes on my thought processes.

Here are the covers. Tomorrow you'll see two of these books stitched up!

BTW, these will be for sale at the Kai Lin Art Gallery in Midtown. Opening show is called GRACE, featuring your truly and two other brilliant female artists.

Yay, Life!

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Meg said...

I used acrylic for the first time in my color theory class a couple weeks ago, I just about died. Every time I turned around it seemed my paint was just a little plastic nub on my wax paper.
These are so so so beautiful :)