Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Enlightened Egg

This little book was made for Debra. The image of birds has shown up a lot in our sessions and the metaphor for their flight, beauty and grace has been really meaningful to me. I bought a cool sheet of wrapping paper with birds, nests and egg imagery and have been using it in a lot of work lately. This first book of the batch went to Debra.

The floating egg is enlightened, as she is and as I hope to be soon. Maybe it's a gradual process and I'm already hovering just above ground level? I hope so.

The little phrase at the bottom that says "each generation of children has to learn everything over again" came from a vintage hypnotism book cousin Meagan got me in Texas this summer. And the sheet of book cloth it rests on was made from a beautiful linen shirt I bought doug years ago that he stopped wearing. It's cut up in a million little pieces now and shows up in the work now and then. Fun!

Oh! And the sexy "feminine footwear" boots on the inside are from a vintage 1970's shoe catalogue. Debra's a shoe addict/expert, so I thought this book fit her well.

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