Thursday, May 14, 2009

Japanese Maple

Here's a portrait of Anton and me I'm tinkering with. Yummy, yummy colors under my favorite tree in our yard. 


Ronnie said...

Beautiful work Anne. Looks just like the two of you. Get that boy a jumping castle, by the way! On second thought it would be a dreadful thing to own.
I posted a sweet pic of you and your lovely books on my blog yesterday.
I too had a good Mother's day.
I was a pleasure meeting you. Oh, Oh I almost forgot! Joe LOVED his journal and has already made two entries. I've never been able to get him going in that direction. Must be your book!

Anne Elser said...

Thanks for the comment Ronnie!
And am so glad Joe loves the book. I am trying to journal more as well - and as weird as that sounds. One can only make so many blank books before they feel called to actually start filling them up. Kinda funny when you think about it. :)

Love your blog by the way!