Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello Pretty

This little girl passed Anton by on the street. She was dressed in pink and white, her skirt was poofier than her entire body. She was sweet and confident and innocent, as was Anton who rubbernecked and said with a smile as she passed him, "Hello Pretty!"
Life doesn't get much sweeter than that. 

I told Debra about it, who suggested I ink up these feelings without overworking the studies. I did a ton with my class last night in Advanced Calligraphy. We had a blast! 

I am going to start painting again, People. Ya hear me? Painting again. I'm doing it now, in celebration and in love. 

I've heard several of you ask about the "Seamless Life" I've nodded to in my Wee Manifesto you see to the right in this page. Seeing Debra is part of that process. She had me hooked during our first 2-hour session, which she gives freely to her clients, in case you were interested. Try it! Her work as an Emotional Intuitive allows for a deep, deep excavation of the truth in you, what your body is literally crying out to be freed from. She helps bring out the truth in you and helps heal you of everything that gets in the way of all the good you can create, all the love you can share, all the joy you can multiply and all the peace you can be in. 

Watch out world. Here I come.

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