Thursday, January 12, 2006

~:L E T T U C E * K N I T:~

Good morning all. This is my new project. A Spiral Lace Capelet from WRAP STYLE by Interweave Knits.

At $3.29 a ball, this Andean Silk from is a great deal. The beautiful green color is called Lettuce. It sort of looks like the real thing anyway, with all the twists, ripples and turns. Kinda neat.

The creature you see is Olaf, my youngest cat, who is shown carefully inspecting my gauge. He's a stickler for details and has a head for numbers, unlike myself who never learned my times tables. I actually have not gotten far enough to check gauge, so I may be ripping this one out before long.

I am a slow knitter, so you might not hear from me for a while or you might find my updates rated for the turtle group rather than the hare. Does anyone else find their hands and wrists aching if they knit too much or too fast for too long?

Wish me luck! And many thanks to Deborah Newton, the pattern designer.


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maryk said...

Ooooo, that's gonna be cute. ANd just my color. Aren't you sweet for making that just for ME.

I wear One-size-fits-all.