Tuesday, January 17, 2006

~W I L L * K N I T * 4 * W E B S I T E:~ Would you like a handknit hat, scarf or fingerless mits? I need help designing/publishing my wesite. I'm trying to teach myself GoLive and need someone to sit with me, one on one for a little bit. I guess I need a tutor of sorts. I can knit you something in return. Anyone interested? For now, this is my temporary, yet slow, solution: Anne Elser Design.


Jason said...

I'll take a handknit hat, but I don't know GoLive, I'm only learning html and Dreamweaver, and I'll be keeping my website flash-free for the time being. Sorry, Anne, good luck though.

Michelle Rollins said...

Hey Anne,
Todd Hammell is pretty versed in all formats for web sites. He could be a real help.
Many blesses,
michelle rollins