Saturday, December 17, 2005

~:B R A I N * P A T T E R N S:~
Anne has a dreamy mind, full of fancy and fantasy. She has the ability to stay forever entertained with her thoughts. People may say she is hard to read, but that's because she is so internally focused. But when she does share what she's thinking, people are impressed with her imagination. What Pattern Is Your Brain?


maryk said...

That is the one I kept almost picking, but then ended up with the orange, and even after picking it, wasn't sure I'd done the right thing. It was a very important decision. ...

Harpy said...

Me too, Anne!

SO I'm at my dayjob and just ate this amazing cookie that will probably clog the passages to my heart and I will collapse, but immediately thought of you and your cookie lore.

Basically she took oreo cookies and crushed them up, mixed some cream cheese in there, rolled them into balls and then melted frosting and put it all over them and then hardened it.

Now this might not be the best description, but I am a virgincookiemaker, and I would like to dubb these cookies: Inside Out Oreos That Have Grease That Will Burn Through Your Guts.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Anne Elser said...

Very cool, A! Sounds like that's a cookie that would make your arteries thick and strong. The yummiest!!