Wednesday, December 07, 2005

~:B I K E R * B J O R N:~
So I get this call last week, early Thursday morning, from a dear student of mine, Amy (also a big fan of Bjorn) who is interning at Studio Burns. Turns out they needed a cute small dog for a photoshoot that afternoon. Little Bjorn immediately got a bath. We were soon off, Bjorn with 2 new toys and me with a pocketful of doggie treats. We had a great time! The studio was super cool and the guy shooting, Guy, was even cooler. He liked Bjorn and made both of us feel comfortable. They bought him a little doggie bomber jacket (which they let us keep) that made him look quite rugged. When this shot is produced, expect to see the full layout here. This will be part of a paper promotion, so all of my industry will see it! What fun.

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k said...

what a little stud(-ded leather)-muffin.