Monday, November 05, 2012

Check out all the inky goodness we Penablers got up to this past weekend at the Artfolio 2012 Atlanta Penabler table at Binders. It was a blast! 

Many thanks to all the talented and generous Penabler volunteers listed below and to those who stopped by for a visit to learn more about the calligraphic craft. We hope you have taken your first step into expressive writing and have found a new you with the Atlanta Penablers.

Stay tuned for news about our next Penabler meeting, "For the Table" on Friday, December 7th form 6-8PM. 

We'll be doing a couple of projects you'll find handy during the holiday season will feature ways to make your Holiday table guests feel warm, welcome, and completely enchanted with your thoughtfulness and rock-star calligraphic skillz.

Many thanks to:
Julia Mahood
Noah Macey
Hollis Wright
Carol Gray
Styron Pennywell
Carrie Keesling-Getz
Mamie Velez
Lee Thepmany
Mary Ferguson
Joel Becker-Sabik

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