Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make Your Own Holiday Cards & Envelopes Workshop

Hello Friends,

Would you like help designing a holiday card and envelope as flourished as this one? One that could be reproduced so that each card is hand-made?

I've been making my own Holiday Cards for years and have developed a class just for the purpose of showing others how to do the same.

There are many ways to reproduce an image that level in varying degrees of complexity. Spend the weekend with me October 27th & 28th and I'll show you everything I know AND we'll have a good time doing it. :)

Here is the set I developed during last year's workshop: You Are My Gift. The envelope was in a different green and the materials used were walnut ink and Dr. Martin's White India Ink.

Here's the set I did in 2005 from a linoleum cut. Lino cuts are super fun and fast. All the supplies you'd need to do make of these are at Binders and I can help you pick them out or use the supplies you bring with you.

Let's have fun and play together!

Holiday Cards and Envelopes with Anne Elser

Holiday Cards Env 10/27 (ARTZ1235)

All Levels | Price: $190 | Min.5/ Max.8
ARTZ1235 | Sat. & Sun. Oct. 27 & 28, 10:30am - 4:30pm

Create your own calligraphic design for whichever holiday you wish to share most. Students will be given customized instruction on layout and technique using the materials they bring to class. We will be writing, flourishing, painting, stenciling, cutting windows, stamping and more!

Learn to create your own cards that are easy to reproduce at home by creating a template and adding layers of detail to the card in an enjoyable and systematic fashion. Emphasis will be placed on enhancing the meaning of your message in order to fully engage your audience.

Day two is spent finalizing the prototype of your chosen design and with it, a system of producing it. We will also create a perfect envelope template for your card.

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