Sunday, October 02, 2011


These are the first sketches I'm developing for a set of Advent logos called Chrismons. The client, a beautiful and thriving church here in Atlanta, has commissioned me to create 11 marks within the theme "Rethink Advent."

My goal here for each overall look is that each have an interpretive, explosive expansiveness - each in a state of flowering growth and movement. That they are regenerative and ever-changing, expanding and evolving. There is no fear, nothing wrong or bad, no judgement. It's all beautiful.

Very exciting, because I've been trying to reframe Christmas these past years also. These will be part of a booklet the church is putting together and they'll all be calligraphic. I still don't know if I'll draw them with pen and ink or within Illustrator, and maybe I'll do a combination of the two. Who knows?

But they are fun. And it's been very refreshing to revisit these themes, now that my own idea of God has changed so much recently. I am beginning to feel a little more peace about my past. It's still all very good. All of it.


Rose Gross said...

Love the star of David!

Still love our wedding ketubah!

I'd like to commission a home blessing calligraphic design when we *hopefully sometime soon* move into our new house.

Keep up the awesome work.

Anne Elser said...

You are so kind, Rose. :) Would love to do the blessing!