Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Naughty Ledger

Let me first say that this past Summer has been my busiest and most fulfilling yet as a professional calligrapher. The interest in the subject has recently exploded and I see no signs yet of it slowing. My Calligraphy classes are selling out at Binders and brides and their families are knocking excitedly at my door for work, work and more work. I am very happy. VERY happy.

Been taking more Calligraphy workshops because of this, and therefore, am learning as fast as I am creating. All new tricks to add to my toolbox and a wider range of products result for my customers.

My new mantra is "Invest in Your Value." And I am doing exactly that. Here is an example.

I have recently made a connection with one my of favorite erotica authors, Maren Smith and have found her to be just as gracious, fun, daring, witty and as wise as her work. I am making her a 8.5 x 11 journal with lined pages to use as a ledger for her ever-growing collection of published works. This book folds out to a very generous 17 x 11 spread, with lots of room in which to list, write, tabulate, etc. Her only request was to have the book covered in shades of blue and green and to include a quote on the inside about the inspiration of her craft. I kid you not, I wrote that quote out no less than FIVE times before I managed to NOT misspell a word. She and I had a good laugh over that.

This book is finished being stitched. I've only to paint the title "My Naughty Ledger" on the front cover and make a lovely simple case to protect it. I believe the case will have a window on the front, to reveal the title once inside. It's going to be splendid when finished and I can't wait to hear what she has to say about it once it's in her hands being used and loved for years to come.

I have another friend who has recently decided to seriously begin her career as a professional erotica author. I could not be more proud or excited for her. She's an amazing writer and has a lot of love and passion to give back to the world, as we all do.

I am so happy.

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