Sunday, July 17, 2011

Methyl Cellulose & Sobo Glue Mixture

Follow this recipe for a brushable bookbinding glue mixture.

Mix one Tablespoon of Lineco's Methyl Cellulose powder with water. It'll be clumpy. Stir a little and let sit overnight. In the morning it'll be mixable enough to be smooth.
Then mix 3 parts Sobo Glue to 1 part Methyl Cellulose mixture.

If you're using Lineco's Neutral PH Adhesive, use less MC.
Try this ratio: 3.5 parts Neutral PH Adhesive to .5 part Methyl Cellulose mixture.

As you're working, your glue mixture will be continually exposed to air and will get thick and clumpy. Simply add a little of the MC mixture to thin it out again. This works both ways - if your glue is too runny, add more Sobo back in.

My favorite glue containers are the 2 cup Ziploc containers with a blue threaded lid. I put a little square of wax paper in between the lid and base as I close it. That way it's easier to open, when you're ready to work again.

And that's it! I've tried Elmer's glue, but it really isn't as nice. If you're en route and need an easy no-mess replacement, use Acrylic Gel Medium. It works great as a low-moisture adhesive, BUT will dry very quickly on your brush. Keep an eye on it as you're working.



Cicely Robin Laing said...

Thanks for the good info, Anne!

Cicely Robin Laing said...

Great info! Thanks for sharing, Anne!

Anne Elser said...

Mickie_G has left a new comment on your post "Methyl Cellulose & Sobo Glue Mixture":

I love this information and am putting a link on a page I created about book repair glue. Best Glues for Book Repair. I am going to try your recipe soon. First I need to buy some more Sobo.

This comment was from Mickie G. I accidentally deleted her comment instead of publishing. If you're out there, Mickie, sorry and thank you!