Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Client Praise

Hiring Anne Elser

“I met Anne when we both worked at The Partnership, an Atlanta-based advertising agency. I worked with her everyday and it didn’t take me long to realize that Anne is an absolute creative genius. Everything she touches is imbued with her intellect, wit and passion. If you have the chance to work with or learn from Anne—take it, take it, take it! You will be in awe of her warmth and talent and the impact she makes on you will resonate for a very long time.” April 8, 2009

Ashlee Gardner, Account Executive, The Partnership, Inc.
worked directly with Anne at Anne Elser Design

“Anne is a tremendous designer, educator and mentor for me. I have worked with her at the Portfolio Center and her students adore her for her dedication and insight. I have also hired Anne for her Calligraphy work. She is so talented and an absolute delight to work with.” April 8, 2009

Angela Moland, Instructor, Portfolio Center
worked directly with Anne at Anne Elser Design

“Anne's work is amazing. I have never seen Calligraphy better than Anne's! I recieved so many comments about how nice it was on my wedding invitations. Her work is on time and excellent. I highly recommend her!” April 8, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Naomi Klidjian,
hired Anne as a Calligraphy in 2007


The Partnership

“Anne is the most fabulously talented person I have had the honor to work with in my career. She creates beauty and intrigue and never fails to suprise you with her thought and heart.
Anne is also a delightful person to be with and work with. A great sense of humor and great work ethic. Hire her immediately. I did.” May 1, 2009

David Arnold, President, The Partnership Inc.
managed Anne at The Partnership


Ann Lynn said...

I adore Anne. I love the tenderness, comfort, and encouragement she is quick to heap on you. I really want to be Anne when I grow up. Oh wait!!! it is too late. I am grown up. Anne Sparks my imagination and creative juices.

Anne Elser said...

Thank you Ann Lynn. You are very dear. Love having you in class!