Thursday, November 04, 2010

Artfolio 2010

This weekend I'm participating in Binder's Artfolio 2010 event where I'll be demoing FW inks and working with Lineco products in a Book and Container making lecture. Very exciting products. I've been using Lineco products for quite a while in my bookmaking classes.

The FW inks are new to me. So far, they are the most varied inks I've tried because they have both opaque and transparent properties, depending on how much you thin them. Not only are they great for calligraphy with a dip pen or brush, but work like gouache when used raw and mixed with a little white. I love them! They have a high permanence rating and look great on leather, paper and wood.

Here's an image of a box lid I painted this afternoon. I'm loving the flow. More to come!

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