Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jay Shapiro Arts Legacy Foundation Logo

Well, it has been a good weekend. I've been sick! And while healing, I finished up the logo I was working on for the Jay Shapiro Arts Legacy Foundation. I felt his presence every step of the way. He was the first person to nudge me toward nourishing an entrepreneurial spirit and he was a dear, dear man. I miss him.

Here is the mission of the Foundation: Removing barriers to those in the visual arts community in endeavors to explore and achieve their creative potential.

I was asked to consider incorporating one of Jay's most charming physical attributes (his mustache) into the logotype. I did and had SO much fun with it. The hand has serious nods to copperplate and italic and beneath his stache is his beautiful smile - his business savvy - the Arts Legacy Foundation.

When you walk into a place a business, it doesn't take long to feel what it must be like to work there. The entire staff treats its customers as they themselves are treated by their employers. It's why I choose Publix over Kroger, Fidelity Bank over Bank of America, and it's why I choose Binders over Sam Flax. Jay Shapiro and Howard Krinsky have created something fun and beautiful. I am lucky to be a part of it.

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