Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Probably not the best use of my time since we are moving in less than a month but here I go...

Brought back a big hunk of cherries from Publix the other day and this one caught my eye. A cherry with two pits but one stem.


And then my mind went south:

Cherry Ass.
Red Ass.
Sweet Ass.
Sweet Cheeks.
Fruit Boobs.
Berry Boobs.
Sweet Tits.
Cherry Tits.
Sweet Ass Cherry Tits.
Red Balls.
Kiss My Ass.
Bite My Ass.

Anyone want to join in?

Okay. Back to packing!


Debra Armentrout said...

HA!!! I love the line, "And then my mind went south..." :-D You are so funny

Anne Elser said...

A funny pervert. :)