Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elser Moving Sale Next Saturday: May 29th

So we are moving in a month to a very cute and cozy home in Brookhaven. (see above) Downsizing doesn't even begin to tell the whole story - but it's the result of a lot of soul searching Doug and I have been doing about what we want our life together to look like. This is change for the better.

Next weekend we're having a garage sale. I'll be selling all of my needlepoint and sewing supplies. Also my potter's wheel. And a vintage spinning wheel. Some of my knitting stash. All my straight needles. LOTS of furniture. Doug's vintage radio collection. We are doing some serious purging.

Any takers?

To see a current listing of some more stuff for sale, go here:

Elser Moving Sale
Needlepoint stash (3 big bags of canvas and wool and two lap stands): $50.00

Rug stand (for large needlepoint rugs): $50.00

Knitting stash (one big bag of yarns and all my straight needles): $25.00

Vintage Spinning Wheel: $25.00

Electric Potter's Wheel: $200.00

And that's just my art supplies. More furniture and many of Doug's tools, etc will be available for sale. SO excited. SO EXCITED!!


ktothefe said...

A new house!!! YAY Anne!!! That's so exciting!!!!! Congrats

Anne Elser said...

Thanks! We are, too.